Stacy Glover Ministries is a multifaceted entity founded and established by Apostle Stacy T. Glover in 2015. Comprised of many distinct programs and ministries, SGM’s overall objective is to encourage the betterment of individuals both naturally and spiritually.  SGM’s Mission is to: Stimulate creativity, ingenuity and innovation by cultivating the hopes and gifts of individuals through mentorship in order to produce effectiveness within families, communities; and ultimately the world.

SGM Programs & Ministries…

FLOW Fellowship International Churches Inc.

(For the Love Of Worship) is our fellowship of Churches and Ministries.  It’s sole purpose is to provide support and offer encouragement to both Vision and Visionaries.  This fellowship offers a very diverse plethora of programming that fosters unity and continuity among Leaders while promoting autonomy.

P.U.R.P.O.S.E. Academy


Utilizing (and)


Preachers (and)

Officers (to)



Purpose Academy serves as our stringent teaching curriculum for Ministers and Officers; as well as those who occupy in a serving capacity within ministry. This includes, but not limited to General Ministerial Licensure, Eldership, General Ordination, Ordinations for Pastors and Deacons; Certificates in Administration and Administrative Service and 5-Fold Gift Cultivation and Training. Our Academy also provides teachings in Church History, the Catechism, Church Isms and the Office of the Bishopric and Apostleship at the discretion and spiritual leading of our Founder as it pertains to assignment and purpose.

Handling Church Business: Managing Church Affairs

This is a full functional program geared toward providing the necessary informational tools to adequately and properly train those who serve in various capacities of ministry.  This particular program is not limited to spiritual development (ie: Deacons and Ministers training and etc…), but also covers business perspectives in regards to administrative staff and accountability (ie: By-Laws, Non-Profit organization, 501c(3) status) and much more.

Chamber Secrets

Chamber Secrets is a “For Mature Audiences Only” no holds barred Relationship Ministry & Workshop that delves into the taboo subject matter surrounding the Church while uprooting the “root” of pain and angst that ultimately leads to social and relationship sabotage that often leads to destructive choices, behaviors and outcomes.  This specific program is geared towards every genre of socialization (ie: Singles, Couples, Married,

Divorced and Widowed) and utilizes Biblical principles as foundational and fundamental instruction. (Ages 18 & Up).

Mentoring Programs

H.E.M. = Help (thru) Empowerment & Mentoring.

  • Target Group: Ages 12 – 22yrs

G.E.N.T.S– Generations Empowered and Nurtured Through Serving

  • Target Group: Ages 12 – 17yrs

H.A.G.A.R. – Help (I am) Anointed Gifted Alone and Raising (Children).

  • Target Group: Ages 17 – 25yrs.




Outcomes (through)

Development and

Instruction for

Generations and


Target Group: Ages 18 – 25