FLOW Fellowship International Churches Incorporated (formerly FLOW Ministries) was founded by Apostle Stacy T. Glover in March 2001 and is a Non-Denominational Spirit-filled entity founded upon the principles of expansion in regard to the Kingdom of God through effective teaching, training and Evangelism.

Mission Statement:

Effectively building relationship, encouraging fellowship and teaching follow-ship in order to produce greater stewardship in the Earth for the Kingdom of God.

FLOW Fellowship is currently comprised of ten (10) churches in the continental United States and seven (7) missions in Uganda and Nairobi, Africa and Managua, Nicaragua. Unquestionably committed to the mission of JESUS CHRIST, the overall objective of the Fellowship is to:


  • Effectively train present and future leaders with the necessary tools essential to proper leadership skill.


  • To fully cultivate the gifts and gifting of each Believer in preparation to be sent out, utilized and make full proof of ministry.


  • To teach, train and release: Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelist and Helpers to the Body of Christ for the edifying of the body and to further equip the Saints.


As a fellowship of Churches with the purpose of doing the unheard of, FLOW’s focus is restoring authenticity and validity back to ministry through servitude. Teaching “true service” in ministry through Jesus Christ who came to “serve” as our example; without negating the overall commission to all by Christ: “Go ye therefore and teach all nations…”